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Russell J. Cordua, Jr.  

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Passageways: Dialogues from Beyond the Rubicon, Volume 1 has become somewhat of a companion piece to go along with To Awaken the Gods. As a way of understanding some of the philosophy set forth in To Awaken the Gods, a number of people have bought Passageways. As Russ states in the afterword of To Awaken the Gods…

Thank you very much for taking the time to read To Awaken the Gods. For those interested in some of the philosophy and science touched upon in this book, and who would like to delve deeper into these topics, I would encourage you to read my second book – Passageways: Dialogues from Beyond the Rubicon, Volume 1.

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What is our role in this truly mysterious universe? Do we impact more than we may realize? How can we be certain what we know is true? What is consciousness and what role, if any, does it play in the overall scheme of life and experience? Does ultimate truth exist, and are we capable of experiencing it?

In Passageways, Russ Cordua takes the reader on a fascinating journey that explores the boundless possibilities and questions that await those who embark upon the timeless quest to better understand the human experience. Exploring everything from quantum physics to consciousness, Mr. Cordua allows the mystery and wonderment of Nature to guide his way through an engaging labyrinth of thought. Written in an easy-to-read style, many will find that the dialogue between the characters inside the pages of Passageways will reflect, sometimes in a very personal way, some of their own thoughts and feelings about the most fundamental questions regarding life and existence.

Russ Cordua is a teacher currently living and working in the state of Maryland. He lives with his wife, Rosa, and his two young sons, Alex and Sabin.

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