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Russell J. Cordua, Jr.
Individual Basketball Clinics

Since I've been training my son over the last few years, I've found myself getting back in touch with the game of basketball after a number of years away. With basketball again a part of my family life, I've not only begun coaching again (at the AAU level), but have decided to begin offering individual clinics like I had when I was actively coaching at the high school level. (For information on Russ' playing and coaching background, read his full basketball bio here.)

Below are details about my one-on-one clinics, which are designed to develop and extend fundamental offensive skills. I will work on developing everything from proper footwork to correct shooting technique. My goal is to create players who are constant offensive threats. Along the way, I will also help your young player learn how to practice to develop a complete offensive game.

The details...

  • Designed for players 7-15 years of age
  • Will be held at various outdoor courts throughout Anne Arundel County (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) or at my home court for players 10 and under*
  • One-on-one, hourly instruction
  • Rates:
    • $25.00 per hour when held at a court within 5 miles of Annapolis (the Annapolis Mall)
    • $30.00 beyond 5 miles of Annapolis
    • $40.00 east of the Bay Bridge.
    • $20.00 at my home court for players 10 years of age and under (see below)

  • *For those players 10 and under, they have the option of training on my home court. My home court is a narrow driveway with a height adjustable basket. It is too small for older players, but it is more than adequate to develop fundamental skills for the younger players. I’ve trained, and continue to train, my own son regularly on this court. The fee for my home court is $20.00 per hour.

If interested, please contact me at rcorduatok@comcast.net

For information on my basketball background, please see my basketball bio at: http://www.renvoice.com/bballbio.html.

** Rates subject to change

Contact Russ at rcorduatok@comcast.net