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willard scott camelliawillard scott Hi, Everyone. Thank you for your interest in Russ' most recent book, To Awaken the Gods. We've received a terrific response to the book thus far. Over 100 copies were sold in the first five weeks, and more continue to sell through word of mouth. We've received messages from people as far away as the Caribbean and Texas expressing just how much they've enjoyed the book. Almost to a person, they've said that it is an extremely difficult work to put down.  See what they had to say. Russ is now releasing a revised edition of the book (as of January 2010).

For those interested, the book’s opening prologue has been included on this site. Feel free to read it at your leisure. For anyone interested in obtaining a copy, I want to let you know that the revised version of To Awaken the Gods can be purchased through this site for less than it can be purchased through retailers. The publisher set the retail price at $14.95, before taxes and shipping. Russ and I purchased a number of author copies that we are selling for $14.00, which includes shipping and taxes. Russ will also have the opportunity to sign these copies before they are mailed out. If you would like a copy, please send an email to me (Rosa Cordua) at rcorduatok@comcast.net and I will send you more information. Thanks.

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